Thursday, 8 March 2012

So i spruced up the blog

Do you like the new look? It's purple.

So what have i been up to since the completion of the Animatic?

Well on Monday we had our 3rd year peer reviews, and it didn't go badly. Nobody had any major issues with the story, but there were a few suggestions to think about, (some more serious than others!)
  • Getting rid of the cave and having the big shell sitting on the new beach
  • Making the story start at night and end in the daylight
  • Having the bad crabs beat him up and chuck him over the rocks instead
I also got one rather unnecessarily mean feedback form, but we shant go into that!

After the peer review i did some character designs for my wee crab. I will pop these up as soon as i get to a scanner, and also i have been putting some thought into whether i want a Lobster or Starfish as the companion. I personally think lobster, but people seem to like starfish. It changes every day in my poor head.

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