Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Animatic #836194

This probably looks awful on here, appologies if it does. After approximately 92 different versions of the animatic, i think this might just be the last one. I hope anyway, the line tester doesn't like me very much. It went a bit tempremental when it came to focusing and not going from extreme dark to light but just look past that...

Monday, 27 February 2012

If you need a friend

It's just occurred to me i haven't even posted the song on this blog. Silly billy.

Listen to it here!

 If you head over to the Wheatus Website you can download If you need a friend from The Lightning EP for free, and other previous releases.

You can choose to donate if you're a good'un. You should you know.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Natural History Museum

Went to visit the shells at the Natural History Museum today in London. Took some lovely photos, and did some sketching which will be very handy for designing!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Today i finalised the script! Yay! Now i am working on the rough storyboard, the one i did previously isn't terribly great shot wise. Here is a wonky scan of the thumbnails i've just done. There may be some issues reguarding crossing the line in there...i shall seek guidance about this. Meanwhile, see if you can make sense of it!

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Concept art loose not quite storyboard thing!

Thus far!

An outlawed crab sits on the a cliff overlooking the beach.

He makes his way down a sandy path onto the beach where he sees the other crabs cave.

He approaches, but is refused entry.

Dejected, he carries on along the beach on his own.

He comes across a large pile of rocks which he spots a gap in and squeezes through.

He emerges on a new and beautiful stretch of beach he never knew about.

Ahead is a cave containing a huge shell.
Curious, he peers into it, but sees the shadow of a creature coming towards him. He cowers, expecting the worst.

The creature reveals itself, and it's not scary at all. He lets the crab in.

Changes might be made if the script is altered, and there will probably be an extra few shots at the end somewhere but i've been timing it out using the flash animatic i started (and it's not quite finished yet!)

Enjoy :] 


Look what i got.

Thanks John and Bev, now i'm going to be so organised and nothing will go wrong.
I'm going to put some stickers on it. How homely my desk will be.

Meanwhile in the real world, i am drawing out more storyboard panels. They're looking quite nice :]

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Production Meeting 2

Yesterday was the 2nd production meeting. Lilly has decided to take a step back from my film but will be helping out next term when i need help with animating etc.

Last Wednesday after the first meeting i mailed away the plot beats to Wayne who unfortunately overlooked them, so the script was on hold this week until i got suggestions of improvement.
To keep myself busy i thought i could start to create a flash animatic (much better than my rubbish drawing skills, and hey, stills can be used as a storyboard!) It wasn't quite finished at the time of the meeting and i don't think it was understood very well so i've put that on the shelf right now and i've been doing some drawing (and smudging) with a pencil.

It's just unfortunate the lack of time we have to work on this project, two and a half days of studio time isn't much.

I'll try to get some pictures up here asap! :]