Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Production Meeting 2

Yesterday was the 2nd production meeting. Lilly has decided to take a step back from my film but will be helping out next term when i need help with animating etc.

Last Wednesday after the first meeting i mailed away the plot beats to Wayne who unfortunately overlooked them, so the script was on hold this week until i got suggestions of improvement.
To keep myself busy i thought i could start to create a flash animatic (much better than my rubbish drawing skills, and hey, stills can be used as a storyboard!) It wasn't quite finished at the time of the meeting and i don't think it was understood very well so i've put that on the shelf right now and i've been doing some drawing (and smudging) with a pencil.

It's just unfortunate the lack of time we have to work on this project, two and a half days of studio time isn't much.

I'll try to get some pictures up here asap! :]

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