Thursday, 2 February 2012

Concept art loose not quite storyboard thing!

Thus far!

An outlawed crab sits on the a cliff overlooking the beach.

He makes his way down a sandy path onto the beach where he sees the other crabs cave.

He approaches, but is refused entry.

Dejected, he carries on along the beach on his own.

He comes across a large pile of rocks which he spots a gap in and squeezes through.

He emerges on a new and beautiful stretch of beach he never knew about.

Ahead is a cave containing a huge shell.
Curious, he peers into it, but sees the shadow of a creature coming towards him. He cowers, expecting the worst.

The creature reveals itself, and it's not scary at all. He lets the crab in.

Changes might be made if the script is altered, and there will probably be an extra few shots at the end somewhere but i've been timing it out using the flash animatic i started (and it's not quite finished yet!)

Enjoy :] 

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